Monday, March 8, 2010

A Journey Through Life With Two Wives

The reader joins the author in his ‘Journey through Life’ commencing sometime between 1935-36, and follows him through the simple life in villages of Western UP as perceived by a five year old then six, and then to Delhi of yore and other small towns of the province. He feels, just as the author, the cultural shock of the move to Lucknow in the 50’s and the freewheeling life in the university and is introduced to the new concept of 'Love at Far Site’. Moving on next to the Indian Military Academy located in the foothills of the Shiwaliks with its dreaded Drill Square and the Obstacle Course. After passing-out from IMA, the proud but shaky 2nd lieutenant faces the pains of growing up in the post independence Army, a blend of the British traditions and the Indian value system. The reader is soon introduced to the new 'Babbler' post facing the young officer’s 'Love at First Sight' and feels the pangs of separation in married life resulting from combat service and thereafter the dangers to life and limb on entering the 'Valley of Death' during the 1962 Sino Indian Conflict. As the author climbs up the career ladder, the reader has a chance to look at the intricacies of Command and Staff at Army HQ and the student – instructor relationship in a service environment that are so different from traditional institutions. One is saddened watching the author's trauma on being a helpless witness to his wife's tenacious fight with cancer with his, only partly successful, efforts to minimize her pain through the long struggle and culminating in her untimely demise. In the end one can only sympathize with his efforts to cope with the pain and guilt of living without her.

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At April 21, 2010 at 11:57 AM , Blogger Jit said...

A must read, arguably the finest book I read so far. Ain't got words to describe the feeling after reading, its simply wonderful book full of emotions.

Thanks Brig uncle for the book!

Warm Regards


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