Tuesday, May 6, 2014


It is early night, late evening and we are merrily cruising on the well lighted, and now with the hectic construction activities around on pause for the night, and less frequented with sparse traffic roads of Noida.

 Noticing a suddenly emerging obstruction ahead, Ranjit floor the brake paddle and the car comes to a grinding halt.

 Ahead    an on coming Santro has also come to a screeching halt as also an  stopped Auto that is now facing across the road in the process.

 The three  vehicles make a virtual triangle in the middle of which, unmindful of the danger, sit  two emaciated  and hungry pups who, possibly  searching  for the mother, away forging for some food,  have dragged  themselves  there .

 The tableau, with ever one in a bit of shock, remains frozen till the reverie is broken by a good Samaritan who jumps out of the car, picks up the two from the cuff of their neck and places  them   at a safe distance  on the side of the road ,when it dissolves and each one speeds up in their own direction.

 Compassion is not dead yet, people still feel for animals if not for human beings, I keep mulling as we speed up towards AVI where we are due for a get together of Noida Signals Forum.


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