Tuesday, March 16, 2010

OBITUARY- Kathleen Frain

Yesterday, I was informed that my son-in-law’s mother had passed away. It was sad moment and I immediately thought of the first time I met her...

We had taken a flight to New York late October 1999 for a short stay with Ric and Kal.

On arrival we had a pleasant surprise awaiting us: an invitation from Ric’s family for a visit to Cherry Hill. For the next few days there was a spate of e-mails enquiring about out tastes in food and other requirement that showed concern and consideration for us.

We were to stay overnight with Ric’s mother, Kathleen Frain. On the appointed day, Saturday, Ric drove us in his Toyota truck to Cherry Hill, NJ, where a warm welcome by his mother, awaited us. Kay greeted us with open arms and a disarming smile that soon made us feel at home.

She served us tea in her lovely china, during which time the small gifts we had brought were gracefully accepted by her.

We had a comfortable night in the well-appointed guest room of the equally lovely house displaying Kay’s feminine touch. She had been living alone for some time as her husband, Ric’s father, had lost the battle with lung cancer earlier that year.

The following morning we took a walk to the nearby historical compound of Barclay Farms for which the community is named. The old brick farmhouse with all its outbuildings, now a museum, added to the charm of the neighborhood.

Later we all went over to dinner to one of her daughters’ home where Ric’s immediate family had gathered to meet with us. It was a lovely evening.

Our stay in Cherry Hill was short and everyone was very nice. Above all it had been a privilege to meet Ric’s mother, a warm hearted and considerate person who did not let us feel that we were foreigners from a distant world and to a large extent from a different culture.

I pray and I am sure my late wife Jeet would too, were she alive, that the soul of the departed rests in peace.

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The Tea at Cherry Hill


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