Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UP JAT's agitation for reservation in Govt jobs

The voices are clear 'stop water, disconnect electricity, and disrupt traffic’: the consequences unfortunately are not.

The Commonwealth Games have far too much of a momentum to be stopped by any agitation including the very real threats from Pakistan based terrorists to disrupt the games at this stage

Such agitations are like the proverbial 'Gene of the bottle' easier to release but impossible to bottle back.

The peaceful demonstration soon gets infiltrated by the lumpen and local criminal elements with their own agenda. In any case, such agitations, not being a disciplined and organized body, are difficult to manage in field by the leaders.

Next to stop Rail and Road Traffic; Burn buses, set fire to the railway property upturn parked cars, damage show rooms, loot shops, the agitation soon spins out of control gradually spread to urban and rural area.

Leaders, forgetting that the state is not going to remain a silent spectator, the response would be swift, but gradual. State Police- Curfew- CRP-BSF and finally Army to do a flag march. In between, tear gas, lathi-caharge, a few rounds of bullets fired, some innocent, uneducated and unemployable agitated youths at the vanguard of the mob get killed and injured. Life is cheap: Rs One Lac, Ex Garcia for the dead and fifty thousand for the injured: little compensation to the waling, mothers, sisters and in-shock fathers, brothers and relations.
In the mean time the Leaders,LOBCumpens, possibly from a different religion and cast or no religion, would have had their fun, collected the loot made their mark.

Offers of talk till now rejected will be accepted, the Leaders, all the time at a safe distance, now invited as state guests to discuss the modalities of the settlement, talks prolonged over a period till tempers cool down and the agitation runs out of steam.

It will all unroll like a film script. And for what avail ? A few Government Jobs and an OBC Tag, yes also a window for a few to corruption and illegal money , the main attraction of a government job..

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