Saturday, July 10, 2010


I had waited near the Cigarette Kiosk opposite the Sector 21 No 2 Gate. Lights changing from green to red at the crossings, the early evening fast moving traffic having passed with no head lights beams, stabbing the dark, from either side, visible, I assumed that the road was clear: I had hardly taken half a step across when I was buffeted by the slip stream of what had appeared from no where and in the quick pass had scrapped me by the merest of touch. Left rattled I heard a shouted derogatory exclamation and saw the fast disappearing red tail light of a speeding motorcycle.
Tail-light yes, which could have written an epithet, but no head-light that could have warned me. Luckily, I was only shaken and not stirred.
With the euphoric mood, I was in, after taking the movie ’Knight and Day’ at Shipra Mall, evaporating, still rattled and wondering at my good fortune, thanking the guarding angle, in a solemn mood and deeply contemplating the various consequences of what nearly happened, I crossed the road with trepidation, reminding myself once again "driving in a car is much safer than walking especially in night".

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