Wednesday, April 7, 2010


I got a call early this morning from Gurdeep: Juli was no more and had left for her heavenly abode on the 2 April.The children had lost their Juli Aunty, well loved by them , she a good fried of my late wife , possibly that was the reason she would call me often.
A christian married to a Sikh, a qualified doctor from Lady Harding New Delhi; never practiced, devoting her time in bringing up the children and looking after Gurdeep .

Always cheerful, smiling she would bring sunshine where she went.
The family followed both the religions the church and the Gurudawara

Our friendship dated from 1979-80 when we were next door neighbours on Generals Road,in MHOW, proud occupants two second World War . How It happened is a small story given in the extract from My book 'A Soldier’s Journey through Life with Two Wives'

"….It was a T shaped structure, that I was allotted, with a
large compound difficult to maintain, …

…..We also fashioned a swing, the ropes hung from one of the branches of the Keeker
tree. Dimpy, Minni and Sandy the adorable children of Lt Col Gurdeep and Juli, his
non practicing, doctor wife our next door neighbours were soon attracted as if by the
magnet to the swing and so did the two daughters Anu and Anjana of Lt Col Ravi
Kumar both Directing Staff at College of Combat, living across the road.

The swing made us the favourite uncle and aunt of the kids and soon the three
families became intimate friends. The cycle trips with the children to Bercha Lake on
Sundays acted as another binding factor further cementing the families together.

Our new found friendship also resulted in a forced gift of a Pomeranian pup by
Juli. It was a bit of a problem and a nuisance in the beginning; crying, whining and
yelping through those cold winter nights missing the warmth and the security of his
mother. After a few mornings of bleary eyes due to lack of sleep we managed to wean
him and he soon adopted us as his foster parents adding one more member to the
family at Mhow. Duffy our other dog, a Lasha Apso was also a forced gift from Brig
Tewari when we were posted at Ranchi..."

Gurdeep was speaking from GOA where the family had gone for her burial next to the graves of her parents, it was her last wish and were rushing back to Chndigarh for the ceremonies according to the Sikh customs. I wish Gurdeep strength to
bear the loss with fortitude

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