Friday, August 27, 2010

The Smile of Gratitude

The other day, while there to pick up my one litre of milk from the Mother Dairy booth, normally manned by a husband and wife team, I noticed the lady, alone and unsuccessfully trying to transfer a large number of Curds crates placed on the ground to the ice box.

The door of the ice box would swing back every time she would lift a crate, leaving her helpless and frustrated. Noticing her dilemma, I walked the couple of steps to the box and held its door open.

The crates safely in, the door closed, she moved back to man the booth and I too, ignoring the confused, amused looks of others, to my position in the line.

As she proffed the milk pouch to me, I placed the notes of the requisite amount on the counter and an addition one rupee coin for the plastic carry bag.

She, with half a smile on her lips, returned the coin and handed me the carry bag, gratis.

The smile of gratitude was a more than a small gesture, in return for my very small gesture.

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