Tuesday, October 5, 2010

ASIAD 1984 -Common Wealth Games 2010

This evening the 3rd of October as I watch on TV, the fortress JLN Stadium, shining like a jewel, ready and awaiting the opening ceremony of the Common Wealth Game 2010, secured from Land, Air and possibly also Sea (the river side), I am reminded of ASIAD 1984.
Parking the car, as I and my daughter walked towards the venue, as a serving brigadier posted at Army HQ, I did rate an invitation, albeit only to the grand rehearsal of the opening ceremony, I was struck with a still fresh and enduring image, from the other faded ones of the occasion, of Kiran Bedi, or Crane Bedi, the sobriquet, that she was called by the public, the Delhi traffic boss those days and so responsible for the arrangements during the games also , nonchalantly parked on the bonnet of a Jeep, completely relaxed , with a carefree demeanour and deep in an animated conversation with some one.
The two images leave nothing more to be said of how the times changed.

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