Friday, October 15, 2010


Take a good look at the transformed Delhi, with now ravishing looks, decked like a new bride, before it is too late and the look withers away.

Delhi, hijacked by the OC with the help of army, paramilitary forces, police, and volunteers in uniform, swarming all over and transformed: groomed, bathed, shampooed, given pedicure and manicure, made up and dressed in all the bridal finery: looking good and smelling good.

Now a sight to see: signage, game’s lane, traffic police every 100 yards, escort vehicles, with flashing lights, leading the red low floor AC busses with dark windows, transporting the athletes safely to and fro between the village and the sporting venues, whizzing past. For a change, the now disciplined, traffic, keeping to own lanes, except the more adventurous motorcyclists, sneaking in and out of the reserved lanes; few cyclists and fewer pedestrians: It is a Delhi so different from that of few months back and so was Delhi during the 1984 Asiad; till, post the games the Delhiets, once again, took- it- over and it was back to Delhi that we know of : chaotic, in frenzy on move all the time and filthy, but the Delhi we love to live-in and visit.

So have a good look at the glamorous Delhi till the look lasts and before the denizens rescue it from the OC with the army back in barracks, the paramilitary banished once again to the border and the police, especially the traffic do the vanishing trick.


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